Florin Perkins FAQs

FAQ for Florin Perkins

What do you charge for materials?

View our current rate sheet (pdf).

Where is your facility located?

View a map to our location.

Do you provide hauling service?

Yes. Our sister company GreenWaste of Sacramento provides dumpster service. Call 916-419-9900 to place your order

Do you accept old appliances like, dishwashers, televisions, microwaves, water softeners, dryers, washers, refrigerators and freezers?

Yes we do, and we recycle them also. The rate for appliances is $10 for each unit and for refrigeration unit is $23 each, with a minimum charge of $20 per load. View our rate sheet.

Do you accept food waste, yard waste, waste oil, paint, car batteries, small batteries, AAA, AA, etc or medications?

We can not accept any of these materials but you can call the County of Sacramento Hazardous Waste (916) 875-5555 or visit their web site for more information. For information of what we can not accept, please see Materials Not Accepted.

Do you accept beverage containers for recycling? If so, what do you pay for them?

Yes, we do accept beverage containers but since we are not classified as a buy-back center, we are unable to pay you for them.

Do I need an appointment, or can I just come by to drop off my old stuff? What time are you open on the weekends and where are you located?

No appointment is necessary, just come on by. We are open 7 days a week. Our hours are: Monday – Friday, from 6 am to 4:45 pm, and on Saturday – Sunday, from 8 am to 3:45 pm. We are located at 4201 Florin Perkins Road, Sacramento, CA 95826. View our map to our location.

I do not live within Sacramento City, am I allowed to use your facility?

Yes, you are. We are a private company and allow everybody to use our site. We will ask you what City you live in but that is a requirement of the State of California.

I have a twin-trundle bed that has a metal frame and a mattress, a glass coffee table with a metal frame and a wooden men's dress valet. Will you be able to recycle the metal and wood if I bring it to your facility?

We can accept all the materials and will recycle what we can, including the mattresses if it is dried, and the metal frame and wood.

I remodeled my kitchen. I need to dump old ceramic tiles, a bit of drywall and some wood; all total will be less than 1 pickup truck. Will you accept this and roughly how much will it cost?

Yes, we will recycle it all, if we can. The rates for these types of materials are $10.00 per cubic yard with a minimum charge of $20.00. To determine your rate, measure the length of the load, x height x the width and divide by 27. A standard pickup can carry 2 to 4 yards. There is no allowance for air space so pack your load well.

Do you accept furniture? If so, what is the cost to dispose of a sofa & loveseat?

Our rates for these materials are $10 per cubic yard. If you measure the length x width x height of the load and divide by 27, you will get the total cubic yards. A lot of other companies will charge you extra for these materials, but not us.

I have solid/sludge waste: dirt, rocks, misc debris that I need to dispose of. It is also a little bit wet.

This could be a problem. Sludge is a regulated waste and most sites are not able to accept it. If this is more like wet soil, then we can accept the materials but it has to be less then 50% moisture content.

Do you take tires? If so, how much do they cost and do you just bury them?

We accept both car and truck tires. Car tires are $5.00 each and truck tires $15.00 each. We take all our tires to a permitted state recycler for recycling. View our current rate sheet (pdf).

Can I bring construction waste (closet door, some lumber, small granite counter top, and concrete cinder blocks) for disposal?

Yes, we refer to these materials as C&D, construction and demolition wastes. They don’t get disposed; they go through our recycling operations and find other markets.

Are you closed on holidays?

We are open most holidays, although we are closed:

Thanksgiving Day
Christmas Day
New Years Day

We close early on the following days

Christmas Eve, New Years Eve, Memorial Day, Labor Day and the 4th of July.

I have an old deck made of pressure treated lumber. Do you accept these materials for recycling?

Pressure treated lumber is considered a designated waste and thus we are unable to accept the materials.

Do you recycle toilets, if so what do you make out of them?

Yes, we do recycle toilets. We crush the toilets and make an aggregate base product for building roads.

What types of payment do you accept?

We accept both credit and debit cards, Visa, MasterCard, Discover, American Express, cash, and checks. Charge accounts are also available.