Disposal Fees

Rate structure effective January 1, 2015

Prices subject to change, contact our office for current prices. There is a $30.00 minimum charge on all items per vehicle. Measurement of load is by volume with no allowance for air space. No hazardous wastes will be accepted. No wet garbage or food waste will be accepted. A load checking program is in effect.


Material Type
Price Per Cubic Yd.
Construction Waste (ie wood, sheetrock, cardboard, stucco, metals)
Demolition Debris (ie wood demolition, mechanically processed materials)
Sheetrock Clean / Sheetrock Mixed
$25.00 / $28.00
Mixed Debris (ie metals, cardboard, appliances, tv monitors, etc.)
Trash (ie insulation, vinyl flooring, furniture, mattresses, plastics, textiles)
Wood Shingles with Tar Paper
Composite Asphalt Roofing
Concrete 1 - (NO dirt, wire, rebar or wood - 3’ minus)
Concrete 2 - (MINIMAL dirt, 3’ minus with rebar & wire)
Concrete 3 - (MIXED w/ brick, not to exceed 50% soil, asphalt w/ petromat) [LOADS OVER 8 CUBIC YARDS @ $50/ton]
Concrete 4 - (Stucco, clay roofing or other inert roofing or concrete with over 25% trash)  $50.00
Concrete Oversized
Upon Inspection
Dirt / Sod [LOADS OVER 8 CUBIC YARDS @ $50/ton]
Yard Waste (Lawn clippings / leaves)
Brush / Tree Trimmings (including wood chips, small tree rounds no palm, ivy or fibrous materials)
Wood / Lumber (unpainted & untreated, nails OK)
Stumps / Trees
Upon Inspection
Palm, Ivy & Fibrous Materials
Carpet and Carpet Padding
Cable / Cyclone Fencing
Tires - Passenger Cars
 $10.00 each
Tires - Truck
 $22.00 each
Tractor Push-off
 $30.00 minimum